Innovative solutions and services for saving water and valorising sand.


MS approach

We believe it is our duty for future generations to adopt a more ethical code of conduct in construction industry.

Business areas

Underground works

Cross mountains, connect continents, allow the mobility of people... Underground construction is probably the most relevant answer to coping with rampant urbanization and building the cities of tomorrow.


Mineral Industries

Because sand is the second most consumed resource by man, because the natural sand deposits are becoming scarce, together we create the solutions of tomorrow to valorise and preserve this resource.


Water treatment

“Water is not a source of life, it is life”(Antoine de Saint Exupéry).
Because water is the first of our resources, to preserve it is a duty for all of us.



In circular economy, there is economy. Because we are convinced that we can help preserve the environment while offering you sources of competitiveness.


They have faith in us

«For 15 years, already 3 successful tunnel projects. These projects were carried out with MS separation plants and with success». (extrait du film MS 2016)

François DUDOUIT
Dir. Projet / VINCI

“From canals in Holland to the heart of Hong Kong, or the banks of Yangtze river in Shanghai, MS has made a significant contribution to the success of the projects I have undertaken.”

Projet SCL1128 HONG KONG

«We have an automated, high-performance, reliable sand and water treatment facility that produces high quality sand and recycles as much water as possible.» (extrait du film MS 2016)

François LARUE (DG)
Denjean Ariège Granulats

Our company

We contribute to the preservation of natural resources, while being environmentally responsible, and creating additional value.

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