Cross mountains, connect continents, allow the mobility of people... Underground construction is probably the most relevant answer to coping with rampant urbanization and building the cities of tomorrow.

Bore a tunnel

You have to reconcile team safety and boring, budget control and planning, together with environmental excellence. Technical and logistics challenge, as well as exceptional human adventure.

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Waste bentonitic sludge treatment

Looking for a powerful and easy way to get rid of your used sludge, even the most liquid or the most impervious? Want to manage dry spoils and reuse the filtered water?

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valorisation des sables

Spoils valorisation

What if your spoils were an asset? Mineral resources are becoming scarce, we must use excavated materials as a source of added value.

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Job site water treatment

You are looking for a simple way to manage your wastewater, seepage water, groundwater drawdown or concrete batching plant. You want to comply with applicable standards such as: suspended solids, pH, hydrocarbons, sulphates, heavy metals or chromium VI.

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MS company

As an independent family company, we combine our autonomy and responsiveness. We will always favour relationships of trust, true and inspired.

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