“Water is not a source of life, it is life”(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
Because water is the first of our resources, to preserve it is a duty for all of us.

Erin Brockovich, does this remind you of something?

Yes, this film where a lawyer worked for a public health problem caused by one of the worst pollutants: chromium VI.

Omnipresent in industrial activity such as surface treatment, tannery or construction with concrete, chromium VI migrates into the water and pollutes our ecosystem.

3 years of collaborative research with the CNRS and the ICCF (Institute of Chemistry of Clermont Ferrand) have led to an innovative and patented solution that fully respects the environment.

Strong points:

  • A unique patented process based on vitamin C
  • A solution rewarded by the “prize for sustainable development” at the 2015 Intermat Awards presented by the FNTP
  • Fully equipped “plug & play” containers for quick and reliable implementation

Usine Extra-Ordinaire

During the Trade Faire “Usine Extra-Ordinaire” in 2019, our President Alexandre GUILLAUME were invited to speak about Chromium VI specificity.

Case study

Calais Port 2015

Chromium VI treatment plant - On the exceptional Port of Calais, MS is treating Chromium VI !

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