The company VERDOLINI, wishes to get rid of the need for its sedimentation pits on its Pusignan site, and is considering the installation of a sludge dehydration unit.

Basic data

The washing water flow is of about 200 m3/h with a density between 1010 à 1020, which gives a tonnage of extra-fines to be dehydrated of 3 to 6 TPH.



The new sludge dehydration unit has to be designed to:

  • Avoid the clearing phases of the sedimentation pits
  • Recover space by removing the sedimentation pits
  • Ease the storage of the clays generated by the washing process of the materials
  • Minimize the top-up water by recovering the water which was lost with the sludge.


Customer Bill of Specification

  • Dehydration of the sludge
  • Maximum recovery of water.



The operator supplies his plant with several sources of heterogeneous materials (main alluvial deposit (60%) + external sources: recycled materials and the potentially valuable fraction of the raw materials recovered from earth moving jobs (40%).


MS Solution

  • Storage of the sludge in a buffer silo
  • Commissioning of a membrane type (mix-pack) filter-press, operating at 16 bars pressure
  • Management of additives (lime or polymers) to improve the efficiency of the filter-press when treating clay which is particularly difficult to dehydrate

The +

Compact layout
High efficiency: up to 15 t/h of dry solids processed
Full control of maintenance
Automatized operation of the plant, offering the possibility of a remote service of maintenance handled from our premises

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