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Are you looking for the best partner to preserve the natural resources and valorise the excavated material produced by your activity?

Our job is to develop high performance, durable liquid / solid separation solutions for underground work, mineral industries, water treatment and recycling.

Few figures

More than 100 employees
90%of our purchases in France
65%of the turnover on the export side


Cross mountains, connect continents, allow the mobility of people... Underground construction is probably the most relevant answer to coping with rampant urbanization and building the cities of tomorrow.

35 years of experience
More than 250km of bored tunnels
More than 50 referenceson 5 continents
More than 24 millionof m processed


We offer natural and crushed sand valorisation solutions for the mineral industries: concrete sand, sands for mortars and plasters, industrial sands for ceramics and glassware, special sands.

More than 45 years of experience
More than 1000plants in service
500 000 tons of materials recovered every day
Up to 98%of the process water recycled


We offer you fixed or mobile solutions for the treatment of construction and industrial water. For that, we ensure the complete engineering and the realization of your project while respecting the environment.

More than 45 years of experience
1 million m3 of water saved every day


We valorise spoils (excavated building materials, polluted soils, clearing sludge) for a controlled approach that respects the environment. With proper treatment, a significant portion of these recycled materials can be recovered, valorised and reused for more virtuous constructions.

Spoils valorisation
Polluted soilstreatment
Drilling mudtreatment

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We show a healthy growth of our workforce over time.

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