Clarify all the effluent from the manufacturing process of Labo France products before discharge in the environment

Customer bill of specifications

  • Very heterogeneous effluent depending on the products being manufactured
  • Small incoming flow



  • Presence of “unusual products in the effluent, such as resins, paints, detergents, acids, solvents, fatty soaps…
  • pH could be acid or basic
  • BDO/CDO constraints
  • Suspended matter < 100 mgr/l before discharge


MS Solution

Deliver more than a mere water treatment! !

Use our experience in the treatment of dry mineral solids as well as our flexibility to propose an alternative process, enabling the targeted specification and performance to be attained and guaranteed.

Several sequences of lab tests and semi-industrial tests have been necessary to finalise the definition of the required process for such a very specific effluent.

The +:

Specific plant, tailored to the job, entirely manufactured in stainless steel, using specific pumping technologies adapted to the product and to the customer’s requirements.


Effluents clarifying

Station installed by Labo France

They have faith in us

We entrusted our water treatment project (in the industrial area of Ladoux) of LABO France. Since we are working together, we are now ready to start this installation (extract of the 2016 MS film)

Isidore Fartaria
Labo France

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